SurveyTransfer ℠

Bridging the gap between
SurveyGizmo and SQL Databases.


Take control of your survey data.

  • Choose what data you would like to capture from your SurveyGizmo surveys.
  • Target your database tables and fields.
  • Automatically upload survey results to your database on a recurring schedule.
  • Synthesize your survey data with data already in your system.

It's easy.

Configure Accounts

Hook your SurveyGizmo and SQL Server database accounts into the SurveyTransfer.

Design Loadout

Choose what data you want to capture and where you want it stored in your database.

Set Schedule

Select how often your survey data should be refreshed in your database.

Compatible with a Variety of Question Types

The Priority Thinking team is working to fully integrate all question types.

Radio Buttons
Radio Button Grids
Checkbox Grids
Text Boxes
Dropdown Lists
Text Box Lists
Dropdown Grids
Text Box Grids
Star Ratings
Net Promoter Scores
Slider Lists
Cascading Dropdowns
Max Differentials
Semantic Differentials
Quick Sorts
Open Slot Groupings
Closed Slot Groupings
Custom Groups

Enterprise Services

For Customers With Large Data Sets

For Enterprise Customers with large quantities of data, contact Priority Thinking directly for customized assistance.

Build a better relationship with your survey data

Who are we?

Priority Thinking, LLC is a team of software developers and organizational development consultants who work heavily with survey technologies and data. Consulting services and tech support for are provided by Priority Thinking, LLC. Please use the support email for urgent inquiries.

What do we do?

We teach leaders, employees and teams to recognize, learn, practice and keep sound priorities—in other words, to become Priority Thinkers. By discovering sound priorities through the Priority Thinking® model, individuals and organizations achieve increased performance, reduce risks and embedded ethical power at every level.


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